Clarens Road Sea Point Structural Engineering Project (structures)

Medium size residential building with underground parking in Sea point

A Project that we are doing in Sea Point. Limited space meant that we had to go deep underground to ensure that there was sufficient parking. A lot of Reenforcing had to be added to surrounding ground area to ensure that the structures stay sound. (structural engineering as well as project management)

De Villiers & Hulme has been contracted by Hours Clear Architects to do the Engineering for the building they have designed in Sea Point, Clarens Road. We are helping to bring the Architects vision to life, by providing a sturdy and safe structural design, without detracting from the Architects Vision.

Consultant Engineers based in Cape Town, De Villiers & Hulme are tasked with the structural engineering of this contract. We have built many strong relationships with Architects around South Africa to help bring their designs to life while still complying with laws and safety regulations.

We have projects nationwide, as well as international projects and are always looking to expand our offerings.

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